Hello and welcome to our website :) 
We are currently in the process of updating our site and polices. 

In the mean time if you would like to contact us please call Mel on 07958521517


We are very please to announce Lenham after school club opened Wednesday 5th January 2022.

We are currently running Monday to Thursday 3:15pm - 5:30pm if you would like to book a place or would like to rearrange or have any question please contact Mel on 07958521517

Harrietsham breakfast club have limited availability - Harrietsham After school club have availability on Friday only; waiting lists are available - Lenham after school club have availability everyday.

Contact details 

Lenham between 3pm-6pm  07470262695

Harrietsham between 3pm-6pm  07960487811 

Outside club hours please call or email Mel

TikTok awareness

The presence of unsuitable material and predators has increased on tik tok. It is important for us and our parents to understand the potential issues and how to keep children safe when they are using the app.

Download the free parents' guide to TikTok from NOS
Read TikTok's guide for parents and guardians

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Summer is here !

Finally the sun is starting to appear, we love spending lots of time outside so summer excites us for all the fun to commence.
Please could you kindly remember to give your child a tub of sun cream to keep at after school club so we are always prepared.. thankyou!

Holiday Club is fast approaching !

Summer holidays are fast approaching if you haven't already then contact Mel or speak to one of the team to book your place for an awesome summer with us! Holiday dates are Monday 15th August - Thursday 18th August and Monday 22nd August - Thursday 25th August. Holiday club will run from Harrietsham Primary School; times 9am-3pm or 5pm. Prices start from £35.


One little note:-
If you are going to be late or early for childs collection, please can you 
use the after school club phone to contact the staff whilst after school club is running.

If you could also ring as we don't hear the text message alerts, as you can imagine it is quite noisy in after school club


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Pick ups from

Platts Heath,

Lenham & Harrietsham


With rules and regulations changing all the time; we would like to share with you the current guidelines stated on the gov website. Symptoms remain; continuous cough, high temperature, fever or chills, loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste and smell, shortness of breath, unexplained tiredness, lack of energy, muscle aches or pains that are not due to exercise, not wanting to eat or feeling hungry, headache that is unusal or longer lasting than usual, sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, diarrhoea, feeling sick or being sick. 

The Gov website states: 

"Children and young people with mild symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat or a slight cough, who are otherwise well can continue to attend their setting".

"Children and young people who are unwell and have a high temperature should stay at home and avoid contact with other people, where they can. They can go back to school or childcare, and resume normal activities when they no longer have a high temperature and they are well enough to attend". 

Safe hands after school club COVID-19 Policy is currently being updated accordingly MAY 2022